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Tom Brady is a comic living in Chicago by way of Bloomington, IN. He is the son of a great lady and some Indian guy he never met. His personal, yet silly style of comedy has led to him winning the 2009 and 2011 Bloomington Comedy Festivals, held at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington, IN. Recently, Tom was featured on PBS as a centerpiece for a segment on the art of comedy. This summer, he has been chosen to perform on the main stage at the Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, IN, as well as on the main stage at the Cincinnati Brew Haha Comedy Festival in Cincinnati, OH.

Tom is also hosts the podcast, “Girls’ Night with Tom Brady”, which is a party podcast for women to party about. Girls' Night has gotten rave reviews from listeners all around the country.

Check it out on iTunes, and e-mail the podcast at
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New ep is up, and Girls’ Night is weekly now! Matthew Alonzo-Mourning (co-founder of Limestone Comedy Festival) & Conor Delehanty are guests! We’ve got hot segs (segments, not segways), Conor’s angry rant segment, heckler stories, Growlr talk, and Mat lets us play some of his stand-up (and then we take him to task on the tough issues).

New episode of Girls’ Night is up just in time for you to play it at all of your Thursday night parties! Featuring Joshua Murphy and that idiot Mike O’Keefe! O’keefe let us play some of his stand up on the episode, and we’ve got new sponsors, including a Slenderman exclusive!



Every few hours yesterday I made up one of these “Facts” images and posted it to FB. Not only did no one call me out but I received numerous compliments and one guy even took credit for an image.

lol the one with Chicago and the stuff about Kansas. Also “5 degrees rounder”- wat? And all the typos… These are hilarious.

So fucking funny.

This is killing me

I also just continued my trend of remembering I have a Tumblr once every 3 months.